Vision Research Phantom V12 High-Speed Digital Camera

Vision Research Phantom V12 High-Speed Digital Camera


Vision Research, the market leader of high speed digital imaging systems released the ground-breaking Phantom® V12 High-Speed Digital Camera. The camera astonishingly captures 1,000,000 pictures-per-second (pps) with utmost clarity. Phantom V12 elevates digital imaging to an unbeaten level. The camera detains beautiful images at 1280 X 800 pixels resolution through the high definition CMOS image sensor. At its maximum resolution the camera reaches the speed of 6,315 pps. However, 1,000,000 pps can be achieved at 256x8 pixels resolution.

The Phantom V12 includes Vision Research's Extreme Dynamic Range (EDR) feature which offers two different exposures to choose from within a single frame. The camera can take brilliant photos at two pixel depths (8-bit and 12-bit) for detailed outputs. Other features include Vision Research's CineMag™ system, sub microsecond shuttering, (upgardable) 8GB RAM, support for NTSC, PAL, SDI formats and standard Gigabyte Ethernet.


• Weight: 11.5 pounds (without lens)

• Size: Height= 5.0' (7.5' with handle), Width= 5.0', Length= 11.5' (without lens)

• Maximum Frame Rate: 680,000 pps (standard) / 1,000,000 pps (optional)

• ISO (ISO-12232 Standard): 4800 Mono / 1200 Color

• Exposure Time / Shutter Speed: 1µ (standard) / 300ns (optional)

• HD-SDI: 720p

• Lens: F-mount

• Power: 60 Watts


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