Sony PMW-EX3 semi-shoulder camcorder with PMW-EX30 deck

Sony PMW-EX3 semi-shoulder camcorder with PMW-EX30 deck


Sony expands its line of XDCAM EX™ video products with three products viz. PHU-60K professional hard-disk unit, the PMW-EX30 deck and PMW-EX3 semi-shoulder camcorder. Benefiting existing and new users, the products offer unparalleled production flexibility.

‘Following on from the successful launch of the PMW-EX1 SxS PRO™ solid-state camcorder in Europe, the new products will form part of an extended family of XDCAM EX products based on state of the art ExpressCard technology – the new standard of PC card interface,’ said Bill Drummond, Product Marketing Manager.

While the PMW-EX3 boasts timecode in/out and gen-lock, the PMW-EX30 features a HDMI digital connection. The 1.8’ PHU-60K hard disk unit has 60GB of external storage. So you can record 200 minutes of video at 35Mbps. You can record 100 minutes of full HD 1920 by 1080 video at 35Mbps using the 32GB SxS PRO Memory Card.

Though their prices have been kept hidden yet but these are surely worth buying.



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