Casio Exilim Z9 Zoom Digital Camera

Casio Exilim Z9 Zoom Digital Camera

The new Casio Exilim Z9 stays true to the user-friendly features that have become standard to the Exilim Zoom series.


The large 2.6-inch LCD screen allows users to easily navigate the camera and increasing verification of the images, while 23 Best Shot mode, and the face of detection technology to help users of the high quality of the images without camera Adjust settings.

Casio’s innovative fashion YouTube video capture and collect directly to YouTube and only 3 stages, so the Casio Exilim Z9 perfect for video online. The new Casio Exilim EX-Z9 comes loaded with other useful functions, such as Anti-Shake DSP reduces the photo Wischiwaschi tremors of the hands or moving subjects, which will allow users to draw pictures with ease and confidence.


This new member of the Exilim series features an elegant, lightweight and compact for increased portability, and offers an improvement of 8.1 megapixels with 3x optical zoom. In ‘Easy’, Casio Z9 is on the broad picture in each situation to explore, without preference or accidentally parameter. Casio’s Face Detection Technology maintains a clear concentration and good exposure to the human face.

Casio Exilim EX-Z9 main features

• Stylish, lightweight and compact model 8.1 million pixels and 3-fach Optical Zoom

• Extensive by 2.6 inches wide LCD screen

• 23 Best Shot mode for high-quality images

• Anti Shake DSP to reduce blur photographed shaking hands or moving subjects

• Easy-mode to simplify any adjustments to unit

• Casio’s Face Detection Technology to maintain a strong development

Available in retail trade in March, the Casio Exilim EX-Z9 is in pink, black, orange and silver and has an EIA of $ 159.99.

(Via Daily Computer Electronic Cell Phone Digital Camera Review.)

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