Toshiba H30 Compact HD Camcorder Review

Toshiba H30 Compact HD Camcorder Review

Toshiba H30 Compact HD Camcorder

CrunchGear has reviewed the new Toshiba H30 compact HD camcorder that provides a 10 megapixels sensor, a 5x optical zoom, a 10x digital zoom, an SD card storage and a touchscreen LCD display. The Toshiba H30 comes in a very compact form factor and produces a much better image quality than pocket cameras. Recorded videos are stored on flash memory, but the H30 includes just 128MB on board, of which only about 96MB is usable, so SDHC media is a necessity. The H30 takes SD/SDHC memory cards up to 32GB (not included). Each 32GB card will record up to 5-hour of 1080p video. Here is the verdict:

At $180, the H30 is easy to recommend — if you think a traditional camcorder is worth your money at all. It’s a bit larger and more complicated than your average Flip or Kodak, but it also brings marginally better image quality, optical zoom, and a few extra features many consumers will find handy. On the other hand, a PlaySport can be had for $120, and my personal favorite P&S, the EX-FC100, for $200. The most compelling feature of the H30 is really that it’s the same device we’ve been using for ages, just packed into an incredibly tiny package. We’ll all be recording video with our iPhone 4s and Droid Xs soon enough, but in the meantime it might be reassuring for a lot of people to have something like this sitting in a drawer, familiar and reliable.

You can also watch the video review of the Toshiba H30 compact HD camcorder after the jump.


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