A Word About Canon's Vixia Camcorders: Touchscreens

A Word About Canon's Vixia Camcorders: Touchscreens

Canon's Vixia HF S21 is their camcorder Cadillac. Just look: 3.5-inch touchscreen, dual SD card slots, face detection from the PowerShot series, and image stabilization with glass from Canon's high-end binoculars.

It's got 64GB + SD card storage; the S20 is 32GB and the S200 is card storage only, for $1400, $1200, and $1000, respectively.

Down range is the smaller HFM series, which smaller, with a 2.7-inch touchscreen. Autofocus on both series works like you'd expect: touch the screen to focus. The HF M31 is $800 w/ 32GB storage + SD card; the M30 has 8GB + card storage, and the M300 is just card storage, for $680.

Last is the first ever Vixia camcorder under a thousand bucks: The entry-level R series doesn't have a touchscreen, or a bunch of other features in the pricier models (except smart auto), and it starts at $500 w/ no on-board storage, going up to $550 for 8GB internal, and $690 for 32GB.

(Via Gizmodo: Cameras.)

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