Nikon D3S unboxing and hands-on!

Nikon D3S unboxing and hands-on!

Our Black Friday just got significantly more awesome -- a new Nikon D3S showed up on our doorstep a moment ago, along with a super-hot NIKKOR AF-S 24-70 f/2.8G ED lens. We're just about to dive into this thing's incredible ISO 102,400 performance (well, we will when it get a little darker) and full-manual 720p24 video mode, but for now we thought we'd hit you up with some unboxing shots -- check 'em out!

(Via Engadget Digital Cameras.)

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neil said...

Hi and thanks for the nice review. There is a question I want to ask though: which lens and "picture control" settings were used for the D3s and D700 for the high iso portraits?

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