Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX1 scores mixed reception

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX1 scores mixed reception

By now you should be thoroughly familiar with Sony's Party-shot-loving and almost unreasonably svelte TX1 compact shooter. Its headline features -- 720p movie mode and better low light performance courtesy of the Exmor R sensor -- have now been put to the test and we're here with the scorecard ready to spill the results. Reassuringly, all reviewers found image quality to be excellent for the camera's size class, and the TX1 even outperformed its peers by keeping noise comfortably in check all the way up to ISO 800. A 1cm (or 0.4-inches for you heretics) Macro mode was another highlight, though criticisms did rain down on issues of lens distortion, a fiddly touchscreen menu that was too prone to accidental activation, and an uncompetitive price point. Of course, your biggest draw here might still be the optional (and spendy) party dock, but the thorough reviews below at least give you the chance to pretend like you're buying this camera for the image quality alone.

(Via Engadget Digital Cameras.)

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neil said...

I just ordered this camera a couple days ago , so far been testing every feature it has. twilight mode is amazing you don't need to use flash at all to take your pictures due to the great EXMOR R sensor and thats exactly what i have been waiting for in a camera all this time, i hate using flash truly because i feel that it ruins all the detail and the beauty of the picture.