Gadgetell Review: DXG-Riviera HD camcorder

Gadgetell Review: DXG-Riviera HD camcorder

Gadgetell Review: DXG-Riviera HD camcorder

What is it?

The DXG-Riviera HD is from DXG’s Luxe collection of camcorders.' It shoots 720p video onto SD cards and has a MSRP of $149.99.' There are two patterns available: the Riviera is a quilted pattern, the Soho is in an argyle pattern.

What’s in the box?

  • DXG camcorder

  • Carrying case

  • SD Card

  • HDMI cable

  • A/V cables

  • 4 AAA batteries

  • Editing software: ArcSoft TotalMedia, Mr. Photo, VideoWorks

The Good

The DXG package comes with a lot of accessories including a HDMI cable.' Sony didn’t even give you a HDMI cable with its original PS3.' The camcorder is lightweight and easy to operate.' You wouldn’t need to read the manual unless you wanted to.'

Setting up the camera requires 4 AAA batteries and a SD card, both are included.' The design is unique with its quilted pattern in the plastic shell of the LCD.' While DXG went with a fashion-accessory design, that design does not get in the way of function.'

Video quality in sunlight was fair.' In still camera mode, pictures were relatively clear.

The Bad

There is a still camera mode, but there is a bit of lag when you shoot still pictures.' Click the camera button and you’ll likely capture the next second.' The lag is reminiscent of the iPhone 3G’s camera.' The screen on the device is not fantastic, but a user would probably want to view the HD video on a big screen.'

Unfortunately, the video quality on this device was not up to par with other pocket camcorders.' Under low light, video appeared scratchy.' There is noticeable wobble of the video when panning - it’s as if you are viewing a reflection of a video in water.' Details were muddy.' The microphone pick up is poor.' Pointing the camera at a subject, you were more likely to hear the camera operator breathe than hear the subject.'

The Crux


At $149.99, the DXG Luxe just does not compare well to competitors at this point.' You will probably want to skip it in favor of a Kodak or Flip instead.'

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