Ricoh 500SE Digital Camera

Ricoh 500SE Digital Camera


Ricoh Americas corporation recently introduced their new 500SE Digital Camera. The camera has been optimized for barcode-based workflows and integrates barcode scanning capabilities. It supports major 1D barcodes and uses its lens to scan barcodes optically. The SE-4 laser scanning module can be incorporated for enhanced laser workflows.

'Ricoh recognizes the importance of image quality when photographing bar-coded assets or objects. By taking a 'camera-first' approach in designing the 500SE, we have developed a superior solution for relating images to barcodes,' said Jeff Lengyel, manager of Ricoh Americas Digital Camera Division.

The 500SE provides JPEG images of the scanned data and helps the user to define information which gets transferred as ‘meta-data' along with the file to any computing device. The camera includes 802.11b/g port and Bluetooth capabilities for convenient wireless transfers to handheld devices or servers.

This shockproof and water resistant system is available for the suggested retail price of $899.00. The additional SE-4 laser-scanning module can be purchased for $349.00.


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